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    As a Realtor, first impressions make a lasting long memory to our prospects and customers.  We take pride in how we present ourselves to you in our professionalism. As a Realtor, ethics is the most important aspect of our business.  I enjoy starting my day with my best dress or outfit, make-up and hair do.  Sometimes I’m asked over and over “no way you have three children?”, “no way, how old are you”.  I am grateful and thankful for all of the comments yet it’s important that I’m honest that while I feel my age I appreciate the nice compliments.  My father always taught me that beauty fades yet your good and caring heart will last forever.  So while beauty fades we can do some simple things to take good care of our health and our bodies to remain the best that we can be.  I wanted to share this personal note with you as my family had a history of diabetes and my step-mother struggles with this disease daily yet she is a cancer survivor and if you saw her today you would never know that she is an over comer.  She has beautiful skin and you would never be able to tell her age.  My biological mother is just as beautiful and you could never guess her age either.  They never tell their secrets to beauty but I know and I will use this blog to share some of these helpful tips to health and beauty.